The 10 Biggest New York City Real Estate Sales of the Month

Usually we kick off each new month by asking readers to weigh in on the pulse of the real estate market, or one specific trend. This time around we're doing things a bit differently. It all started with a gut feeling: Doesn't it seem like November was the month that megalistings really started selling again? From a $31.5 million raw West Village box to a $2.2 million Williamsburg penthouse, it was like the big ticket items were flying off the shelves with no more lingering remorse over how that might look as the world struggles to pull through the economic malaise. Suck it, huddled masses!
November is a big month for the industry, as unsold inventory gets ready to go into hibernation until spring (UrbanDigs noticed a contract-signing uptick). So we decided to have a little fun in honor of the Pilgrims—for it is they who got this ball rolling—and run down the month's biggest deals. Disclaimers: 1) Condo/co-op/townhouse sales only. 2) We only included completed sales logged by the city (which eliminates pending ones like the Superior Ink penthouse). 3) ACRIS lags a bit, so there may still be some closed November deals that haven't shown up online. Sorry! Without further ado...
2010_12_791park.jpg10) 791 Park Avenue #6A [UES]
How much?: $7,650,000
Vital stats: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 4,250sqft
The skinny: On and off the market for two years for as much as $9.2M. The seller was former Merrill Lynch exec Peter Kraus, who bought a $37 million apartment at power building 720 Park on their way to becoming villains of the bank bailout. [Listing]
2010_12_1_1035fifth.jpg9) 1035 Fifth Avenue #10B [UES]
How much?: $7,750,000
Vital stats: Unknown
The skinny: An unlisted co-op bought by psychoanalyst and former spouse of late New York publisher and famed/feared moneyman Bruce Wasserstein. In 2008 she sold a place next doorfor $27.5 million in less than a week. Scaling back post-recession?

2010_12_1_parkimperial.jpg8) 15 West 63rd Street #22A [UWS]
How much?: $8,000,000
Vital stats: 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2,459sqft
The skinny: David J. Mastrocola, a retired managing director at Goldman Sachs and current Save the Children board of trustees member, will be enjoying some epic Central Park views from this Park Imperial condo near Lincoln Center. [Listing]
2010_12_1_bush.jpg7) 2 East 70th Street #91011B [UES]
How much?: $11,750,000
Vital stats: Triplex with 4-5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
The skinny: Frick-facing palace bought by former Bush assistant secretary of defense James Shinn. It's last asking price was $14.95 million, and it was originally going for $19.5 million. The only bargain on the list? Perhaps "bargain" isn't the right word. [Listing]
2010_12_1_pincus.jpg6) 733 Park Avenue #24-25 [UES]
How much?: $12,000,000
Vital stats: 5-6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, 7,000sqft
The skinny: Massive duplex with open "contemporary layout" (don't let the Park Avenue address fool you!) sold by the estate of late financier Lionel Pincus. Which means that it wasn't even Pincus's best place. [Listing]
2010_12_1_fireplace.jpg5) 122 East 70th Street [UES]
How much?: $12,850,000
Vital stats: 5-story townhouse with roof terrace and basement
The skinny: It may be the fifth biggest deal of the month, but that didn't stop this townhouse (and its alabaster fireplace) from ruining the Upper East Side. [Listing]
2010_12_1_beacon.jpg3a) 151 East 58th Street #44D [Midtown East]
How much?: $15,000,000
Vital stats: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,936sqft
The skinny: This condo in celeb-filled One Beacon Court (aka the Bloomberg Building) caused a stir due to the bidding war that led to its sale. The sellers paid just $6 million for it five years ago. [Listing]
2010_12_1_535.jpg3b) 535 West End Avenue #17 [UWS]
How much?: $15,000,000
Vital stats: 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 6,637sqft
The skinny: The third biggest sale of the year in Extell's "21st century pre-war" condo building, which has become known for some epic price cuts. This one was listed for $19 million, so nothing too crazy here. [Listing]
2010_12_1_plaza.jpg2) 768 Fifth Avenue #2001 [Midtown]
How much?: $24,438,000
Vital stats: 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms (9 rooms total) duplex
The skinny: This is the controversy-plagued Plaza Hotel penthouse that was just sold by casino magnate Steve Wynn not long after he bought it for about a million bucks less. Why the quick re-sale? One Curbed commenter's wild speculation: The legally blind Wynn didn't like the stairs. [Listing]
2010_12_1_778park.jpg1) 778 Park Avenue #5 [UES]
How much?: $26,000,000
Vital stats: Unknown
The skinny: This one was never publicly listed, making the deed that popped up in city records all the more shocking. The buyers of the classic co-op David and Elizabeth Winter. Meanwhile, in the same building, the late Brooke Astor's duplex and the late William F. Buckley Jr.'s maisonette have been languishing on the market for a combined $35 million. Maybe the secret to a megasale is keeping things quiet?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010, by Joey Arak - Curbed


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