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Does every building have ‘house rules’ and how do they differ from bylaws?

The vast majority of NYC condos and co-ops will have house rules—it's possible but unusual to find a building without them. After all, house rules are there to help owners live together without conflict.

Typically, they deal with issues like where bikes should be stored, where stroller and umbrellas can live, how a recycling program is managed, or what the rules are on takeout deliveries and flyers.  House rules are different from a co-op's proprietary lease and bylaws, which focus on corporate governance and how the board operates. A condo also has bylaws addressing how the building operates.  What happens if you break a house rule? There can be consequences for violating the bylaws of a building—the most serious will be eviction from a co-op. In a condo, violation of the rules can result in fines. House rules, however, are more accurately a set of guidelines for residents. A bylaw might say it's against the rules to obstruct the hallways. The house rules might say strollers…

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