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Luxury Market Report - Contracts Signed - Manhattan Residential Properties $4M & Above - August 22-28, 2022

 Luxury Market Report - 2022 Report on Contracts Signed Manhattan Residential Properties $4M & Above  August 22-28, 2022 Full Report:

How to decarbonize your house with the Inflation Reduction Act incentives

  Heat pumps, insulation, and electric stoves will reduce your home’s use of fossil fuels and save you money—and the Inflation Reduction Act makes the upfront costs easier to handle. A typical house runs on fossil fuels: Gas or oil powers your furnace and water heater. The stove in your kitchen probably also runs on gas (that is, methane); the direct emissions from all of the gas stoves in the U.S. are  equivalent to the pollution from half a million cars  as methane leaks out during use and as the appliances sit there. Your clothes dryer might also run on gas. The electricity from your utility company probably still isn’t fully renewable. The car in your garage probably isn’t yet electric. “If you add all of that up—all the decisions we make about energy at our kitchen tables—something like 42% of U.S. energy emissions are tied to those decisions,” says Sam Calisch, one of the founders of  Rewiring America , a nonprofit focused on electrification. Systems-level changes obviously also

Here's what you need to know about installing central AC in your NYC brownstone

  W as it hot enough for you this summer? If you own a brownstone, you may well be considering installing central air conditioning to make your home more comfortable now that longer stretches of higher temperatures are predicted to be the new normal. (So long unsightly window units.) Knowing your options will help determine if it’s worth the investment.  And if you own a multi-family townhome, installing central AC is a way to attract or keep tenants in a pricier rental market. “Adding air conditioning will make the rental more competitive with newer developments. You can’t give them a swimming pool but you can give them this value-added amenity," says Soozy Katzen, leasing director at  Fox Residential. It’s a way to help your property stand out in the white-hot townhouse rental market, too. Nadine Adamson, a broker at  Brown Harris Stevens, leases the garden floor of her own townhouse. “Now is an especially good time to spend money toward attracting qualified candidates.” (She sh

N.Y. Today: Emissions standards that buildings must hit

  In 2019, the City Council enacted a package of bills to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, including one bill that became Local Law 97 and set limits for emissions from large buildings. Building owners are scrambling to figure out how to pay for upgrades to comply. I asked our writer Jane Margolies to explain. There’s a series of deadlines. You wrote that nearly all of the 50,000 buildings subject to this law will meet the first one, in 2024. What about the second deadline, in 2030? How hard will it be for building owners to comply with the standards that take effect then? What kind of work will they have to do? It’s going to be much, much harder to meet the standards in 2030. For 2024, most buildings that are running reasonably efficiently — buildings that are well insulated, have LED lighting, have heating systems tuned up and don’t have old, rattly, single-pane windows — are going to hit the standards. It’s pretty low-hanging fruit. For 2030, it could t

The buyer's and renter's guide to NYC's public and private elementary schools

I n most places, when you’re a parent searching for a place to live, you typically want to know how close is the elementary school your child(ren) will attend. But in New York City—like so many aspects of living here—getting into an elementary school can sometimes be very complicated. Living near an elementary school doesn’t necessarily mean your children will go to school there. Read the full article By Jennifer White Karp - Brick Underground WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? PLEASE CONTACT US! IT IS OUR PLEASURE TO ASSIST YOU! THANK YOU!  Fernando & FBR team Fernando Branco , GRI, ABR, CNE PRINCIPAL BROKER Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI)  Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)  Certified Negotiator Expert (CNE) Fernando Branco Realty 162 Huntington St, Ste 1R, Brooklyn, NY 11231 c: (212) 321-0115 e: Working by referral. Let us help you find a home too!! NYS Housing, Anti-Discrimination & Agency Notice & Disclosures