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WHAT IS A CAP RATE IN REAL ESTATE? - By Kate Crhistensen - REALWEALTH Network (  ) Summary : In this article, you will learn what is cap rate in real estate. Topics include, when to use capitalization rate, how to calculate cap rates, what is considered a good cap rate on investment properties, and why determining cap rates is important for real estate investors. Table of Contents Introduction Cap Rate Definition When to Use Cap Rate When Not to Use Cap Rate How to Calculate a Cap Rate How to Calculate NOI Why is Cap Rate Important? Using Cap Rate to Compare Properties Cap Rate Focuses on the Property, Not Financing Using Cap Rate to Measure Risk What is a Good Cap Rate? Factors that Affect Cap Rate Limitations of Cap Rate Cap Rate vs. ROI Example of Calculating ROI with Cash Purchase Example of Calculating ROI with Financing Conclusion Introduction Capitalization rate is

Older Americans are aging in place. Are their homes ready? - By Curbed

A new Pratt exhibition explores the opportunities for design to make our later years more fulfilling By  Diana Budds     Feb 21, 2020, 2:30pm EST Designed by David Baker architects, the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Building, in San Francisco, includes a 15,000-square-foot senior community day center and 121 affordable homes for local low-income and formerly homeless seniors.   Bruce Damonte There are three design fears that keep  Jeremy Myerson , a professor and chair of design at the Royal College of Art, up at night: poorly designed mobility scooters, stairlifts, and walkers. “Why is [design for the elderly] so bad?”  he wondered in a recent Tedx talk . “Why is it all about medical looking aids and appliances? Why is it sourced from obscure catalogs rather than the Conran shop? Who thought that white plastic grab rails in a kitchen are a good idea? Why are expectations so low, so beige, so bland?” As Myerson observed, aging has traditionally been perceived as a medical pro