Legal Line Question of the Week
Switching Electricity 
& Gas Accounts in NYC
QuestionI have been asked by my purchaser of a condominium unit in 
New York City how to switch the electricity from the seller’s 
account to their own account? How is this done and is 
the purchaser responsible for the seller’s unpaid bills?
AnswerOnce the closing date is established, the purchaser should contact 
Con Edison to inform them that the account should be switched to 
the purchaser’s name on the scheduled closing date.  Con Edison 
may ask for documentation which will indicate that there will be 
a new owner of the unit.  The purchaser will establish a new account 
with Con Edison and a final electric bill will be sent to the seller.  
The purchaser will not be responsible for the seller’s balance.  
It is also prudent for the seller to contact Con Edison so as to verify 
that the account was switched over to the purchaser’s name.
If gas is metered separately in the condominium, then the same 
procedure will apply for switching gas accounts.  Depending on 
the location of the condominium unit, either Con Edison or 
National Grid (as the case may be) will need to be notified.

By: Neil B. Garfinkel, 
REBNY Residential Counsel


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