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Dear Colleagues,

The P&Z has not only brought back the previous issue that we discussed in November regarding FAR calculations they have also proposed a new change relating to Grade Plane.

The GAR Board of Directors believe that the far reaching impact of these changes may negatively effect a broad section of properties; their value, use and potential. As such, the Board unanimously agreed to take a position encouraging P&Z to delay voting on these measures until there is greater (and clearer) public understanding of these potential measures.

We know that you attended and supported us in November, however, this time we need you to actively engage your clients, your neighbors and friends to join in their support of more transparent government.

We have put together a web site (www.pzpetition.com) where you can sign in your support of the following:

As a Greenwich resident I object to the policies and practices used by the Planning and Zoning Commission in creating new codes regulating property use. I believe that the Planning and Zoning Commission should:
  • Offer the public credible research and reporting about P&Z proposals.
  • Explain specifically which homeowners benefit and which are potentially adversely affected by these proposals.
  • Use plain language when describing zoning codes.
  • Communicate to the Public via televised meetings and direct mail.
  • Seek input from local land use professionals before creating policy/code.
  • Submit proposed policy/code changes to the RTM Land Use Committee for informal review.
  • Do not vote on any policy or code changes after 10:00 PM at public meetings. 
  • All proposed code changes should appear on the three previous agendas before any action is taken.

I hope that you (and your family, friends and clients) will attend Tuesday night's meeting. I believe that we should (and will) make a difference in this process.

Thanks in advance,

Please forward this email and the information about these new regulations and the processes currently in place to your contact lists. There is also a paper petition that you can download and print out to collect signatures.

Doug StevensDouglas Stevens
Greenwich Association of REALTORS®
530 Old Post Road #3
Greenwich, CT 06830


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