Relax Your Stress Away! 11 Ways To De-Stress

Relax Your Stress Away 

11 Ways to De-Stress 

Your shoulders are tense, your back hurts, you feel grouchy and know it’s due to stress. The relaxation techniques described below can help relieve both the physical and emotional tension that often follows stressful situations.

Relax Your Body 

The next time you feel the effects of too much stress, try some of the following ways to help you relax.

1. Deep breathing.
While sitting, lying down or standing, close your eyes and breathe in slowly. Let the breath out for a count of 5–10 seconds. Perform ten of these super-relaxers any time you feel tense.

2. Stretching.
Practice simple stretches such as the “neck stretch” – gently roll your head in a half circle, starting at one side, then dropping your chin to your chest, then to the other side.

3. Exercise.
All kinds of physical activity – hiking, running, bowling, walking, etc. – help to reduce stress.

4. Take a bath.
Ask household members to allow you at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time in the tub.

5. Get a massage.
A massage is a wonderful way to get rid of physical tension. Professional masseuses generally take 30 minutes to an hour to perform a massage, and will work on specific areas of tension, such as the lower back or neck.

6. Eat well.
Reduce your caffeine (found in foods such as coffee, black tea and chocolate) and alcohol intake. Find out if your diet is well balanced and take steps to eat healthily to help reduce stress.

Relax Your Emotions 

Relaxing your emotions can be just as important as relaxing your body in relieving stress.

7. Talk.
Take the time to talk with a friend, mate or child. Express feelings you might have been holding in. Listen carefully to your partner. Walking in a quiet neighborhood or park can limit distractions.

8. Laugh.
Go to a comedy club, see a funny movie or spend time with a funny friend.

9. Cry.
Crying can be as good a release as laughing. If you haven’t cried in a long time, try listening to sad music, watching a sad movie or writing about a sad experience.

10. Read.
A good book is a great escape. Reading a tearjerker or comedy can help release pent-up emotions.

11. Do something you love.
When you enjoy yourself, whether it’s gardening, going to the beach, or seeing friends, you relax your emotions.


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