New York's 12 Must-Try New Pasta Dishes

2008_10_hasmaps.jpgThere are a lot of awesome new pasta dishes in New York, right now. You'd kill yourself trying to sample them all, so here's a list of twelve top picks, as a starter
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The Porchetta Ravioli at Tenpenny

16 E 46TH STNEW YORK, NY 10017(212) 490-8300
It's easy to love homemade ravioli stuffed with roasted pork, alongside creamy smoked ricotta, and fresh rapini heads. But the thing that really sets this dish over the

Penette col Cavolfiore at Porsena

21 E 7TH STNEW YORK, NY 10003(212) 228-4923
All of the pastas at Sara Jenkins's new casual Italian restaurant are great, but this is perhaps the most interesting, and flavor-forward on the menu. Penne is mixed

Cavatelli con Vongole at Lincoln

142 W 65TH STNEW YORK, NY 10023(212) 359-6500
Some critics loveJonathan Benno's ambitious new Italian restaurant, others think it needs work, but everyone agrees that this is one of the menu's standout dishes.

Ricotta Strascinari at Spasso

551 HUDSON STNEW YORK, NY 10014(212) 858-3838
This popular dish atBobby Werhane's new Hudson St. restaurant has two levels of cheesiness: the pasta, which is made with ricotta, and the smoked scamorza, a gooey

Spaghetti alla Chitarra at Rubirosa

235 MULBERRY STNEW YORK, NY 10012(212) 965-0500
Most people head to this hot new Little Italy restaurant for the pizza, but the pastas are maybe even better than the pies. If you want to experience chef Al Di

The Smoked Ricotta Ravioli at The Dutch

131 SULLIVAN STNEW YORK, NY 10012(212) 677-6200
One of the simplest dishes at The Dutch, and one of the best: light pockets of cheese-filled pasta, in a smooth tomato sauce, with basil and parmesan for garnish. The

The Gnocchetti at Ai Fiori

400 5TH AVENEW YORK, NY 10018(212) 613-8660
Michael White has a gift for creating pasta dishes that taste like the essence of the sea (no wonder Sam Sifton is a fan!). At hisnewest restaurant, he mixes

The Tre Formaggi Raviolo at Ciano

45 E 22ND STNEW YORK, NY 10010(212) 982-8422
For a taste Shea Gallante's rustic Italian food at its best, order the ravioli filled with stracchino, burrata and parmigiano, finished with a rosemary-brown butter

Spaghettone Cacio e Pepe at La Pasta

200 5TH AVENEW YORK, NY 10010(646) 398-5100
Naturally, the pasta restaurant inside ofEataly offers a textbook version of this simple dish: spaghetti with black pepper, and cheese. The noodles are served very

The Camembert Ravioli at David Burke Kitchen

23 GRAND STNEW YORK, NY 10013(212) 201-9119
A hearty pasta dish with a few eccentricDavid Burke twists. One giant envelope of dough is stuffed with rich camembert cheese, then plopped over pieces of lobster

by Greg Morabito - Curbed

The Lamb Fettuccine at Riverpark

450 E 29TH STNEW YORK, NY 10016(212) 729-9790
A somewhat strange combo that really works: fresh fettuccine mixed with a spicy lamb ragu, smoked olives, and a tangy yogurt sauce. Best enjoyed in the wintertime, or on

The Tortellini at Osteria Morini

218 LAFAYETTE STNEW YORK, NY 10012(212) 965-8777
The ragus at are great, but the pastas with cream-based sauces are the real show-stoppers at Osteria Mornini. And this is perhaps the best one: delicate pasta triangles


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